Lifetime Engine Warranty

On all consumer use lawnmowers, lawn tractors, garden tractors, consumer and commercial zero turns sold to individual homeowners mowing their personal property only.

  1. Units sold by Fletchers after January 1 , 2013- prior sales excluded
  2. Warranty is offered to original owner- warranty is not Transferable
  3. Unit must be used for residential mowing only.- No more than 1 property usage
  4. Unit must have all manufactures required service performed by Fletcher`s (maintenance requirements are listed in Owner's manual.)
  5. All equipment will require annual service or every 50 hours whichever comes first. This service supersedes any annual service listed in owner's manual.
  6. This warranty only covers the engine on Unit, Not related parts, components or services. This warranty covers defects in material and workmanship-not abuse.
  7. This warranty does not change or alter the manufactures warranty.
  8. Required maintenance cannot be performed by any other party but Fletcher`s –including owner.
  9. Any abuse or neglect from not performing this annual or 50 hour maintenance is in direct Violation of this Lifetime Engine warranty and cause for immediate stoppage of this warranty.
  10. Any abuse or neglect to unit-such as lack of lube, debris buildup on engine or other abusive listings found in owner's manual are a Violation of lifetime engine warranty.
  11. Fuel system corrosion from Stale, oxygenated, dirty fuels are not Covered.
  12. Not starting from improper storage or deterioration is not covered.
  13. Starter parts such as rope, spring, handle, starter motor battery are not covered.
  14. Wear, maintenance items are not covered. E.g. Spark plug, air filter, oil
  15. The hour meter on a Ride on unit is a reference to the hours of usage. (The maintenance must be performed at least annually) more often if the 50 hours are exceeded.
  16. The maintenance performed and pickup and delivery vary in cost by machine and distance, are the financial responsibility of the owner.
  17. If owner of equipment chooses not to participate in the requirements of the Lifetime Engine warranty- Any and all benefits associated with the Lifetime engine warranty are null and void.